Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for publynow.com

These terms are between the users who use our services to create a website (you or users) and Publynow.com´s owner which is the company behind the service (we).

By creating a website on pubynow.com you accept and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy herein.

Our goal is to have a uptime on 100%, and we also try to schedule updates at night time. PublyNow are not responsible for downtime that for example causing economic loss for users/customers. We monitor our service every minute and are working for a 24/7 uptime. History uptime is 99.88%.

Prohibited Content:

You may not use our web service to create the following content:

  1. Erotic, pornographic or dealing with sexual services.
  2. Cracking, Hacking or of a similar nature.
  3. Content made to manipulate search engines without any value for real people. Also spam or automatically generated content.
  4. Sale of illegal drugs, legal drugs, or prescription drugs.
  5. Sales of weapons or ammunition.
  6. Content that is asking visitors to give out login credentials to any site or service.
  7. Offensive, libelous or contain threats.
  8. Content that is uncomfortable for any person and which contains personal data. For example, full name with photograph of the face or the like that can identify a person.
  9. Content that is not child-friendly.
  10. Websites using someone else’s registered trademark without permission.
  11. Streaming of video that is copyrighted without permission.
  12. Other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights.

This is allowed:

  1. You are allowed to add or sell your own ads and make money in this way.
  2. It is allowed to have an unlimited number of visitors – as long as your site does not violate the terms laid out in this document.
  3. You are allowed to sell your website. The new owner must accept these terms and the email address in the settings must be changed to the new owner.
  4. You are allowed to systematically create websites and sell them to your customers at whatever price you specify. You should, but are not obliged to use the unbranded/white label version of publynow.com for this. See also above paragraph.
  5. You are allowed to earn how much money you want with publynow.com, as long as you follow the rules.


You alone are legally responsible for the content that you publish on your publynow.com website.

You are responsible for declaring and paying taxes.


All content (text, images, files, etc.) that are published on the internet is automatically protected by copyright unless otherwise stated.

This means you are not allowed to copy text and images from elsewhere on the internet and publish it on your own website without permission. We will not actively check this but if anyone complains with proof that they are the creator we will remove the content and possibly shut down the website.

You retain the rights to the material you post on your website. It’s you and not us who own the content. This also means that others are not allowed to copy anything you publish on your website.

Reporting abuse

Hundreds of new websites are created every day in publynow.com and we have no way to control the contents in advance. We do routine searches in the system to find websites that violate the conditions. If you have found a website on publynow.com that violates these terms and conditions please write to abuse@publynow.com and we’ll get it as soon as possible.


  1. We can show a little advertising on your free website if you have not paid the premium. This advertising will not interfere with your website.
  2. We also send newsletters regarding publynow.com to users of the service, about once a month. These newsletters may contain advertising. By clicking on a link at the bottom of the newsletter, you can unsubscribe.

Refund Policy

We offer 14 day refund policy. During this period, you can contact support and have your payment refunded. The service you paid for will be disabled.

Privacy Policy

The following personal data is stored in our system:

  • IP number during the creation of the website.
  • IP number with the last login.
  • E-mail to the owner of the website.
  • Encrypted version of the password with a unique salt. (Impossible for us or anyone else to see your password).
  • Data for the optional administration account: name, surname, additional email and company name.
  • Cookies are used for logging in, and for anonymous statistics.

The above personal information is protected and is never given out to third parties. An exception occurs if the data is requested by the police or the courts, in which it is then sent to a verified e-mail of the official person. The user will normally be notified.

Deletion of the website and personal data

A user can always delete their website at publynow.com and all personal information.

Our right to delete and modify websites

We have the right to delete websites which:

  1. breaches these conditions,
  2. do not verify their e-mail within 30 days,
  3. misses a valid e-mail to the owner and have not logged in in over 6 months,
  4. have not logged in on the website for over a year despite two reminders via e-mail.

We also have the right to modify content on sites that violate these terms. In such cases a message on the website of the owner.

Updates to this document

These terms and conditions and privacy policy was last updated on the November 27, 2017.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions if necessary. For major updates that affect users of the service significantly then it will be announced two weeks in advance before the new conditions and privacy policy comes into force. Users have the opportunity to, for example, delete the website and its data if they do not wish to accept the new terms.