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If you need help or have any questions, request or something like that you are always welcome to contact our supportteam. Please note that you need Pro plan for support.

Contact Sales

Have any question please take contact with us and we try to answer.

Contact Support

Need support, then you can open a new ticket or chat with our dedicated supportteam.

Request a Feature

If you missing some feature you can contect us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members also have access to full chat support and FAQ and also video help tutorials.

Can I add my own domain name?

Yes with our Pro plan. You can do it yourself but we recommend to contact our support so we can help you get everything correct from the beginning. With our Pro plan you get free SSL (https) and we also help you to set up premium Content Delivery Network, CDN so your site work fast from all the world.

How do I get email on my domain?

You can use what company or mail server you want. We can help you set this up. We recommend for example Google Apps (around €6/mail/mo), Zoho mail (that is free) or we can set up and host your mail server for a low fee (€9) per month and then you get unlimited mailadresses.
Still have questions?
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